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In our modern business environment, fast and effective recovery of your receivables can be very critical to you and your company's success. In fact, cash flow can be your most valuable asset.

Costello, King & Associates specializes in the collection of commercial business debts with an emphasis on judgement collections. It is our mission to provide our clients with the highest standard of services by utilizing cutting edge techniques to collect outstanding receivables in an expeditious and amicable manner.

We strive to become your collection partner by providing you with a stress free way of collecting your outstanding receivables. This will allow you and your company to focus on its daily business ventures. For that reason, it would be best to entrust your accounts to our professionals.

Costello, King & Associates expertise and professionalism deliver the asset recovery results you need without compromising current business relationships. Speed and persistence are the keys to our tremendous success as a full-service commercial Collection Agency.

Great Contingency Fees Available

It brings us great satisfaction in recuperating what is rightfully yours. Collecting money is our priority and we know that we need to collect your accounts in order to profit. Our collection rates average from 15% to 33%! Lower than other agencies. We also offer special discounted rates for qualifying accounts over $10,000 and/or volume of accounts. (Standard Collections Only)

Persistent Efforts

We continually contact the debtor via phone calls and demand letters by mail, e-mail or fax whenever possible. We send our FINAL NOTICE by certified mail on most accounts over $1,000. We have found that this really gets a debtors attention. We are extremely firm and diplomatic with the debtors and we understand that every communication with the debtors must be in accordance with THE FAIR DEBT COLLECTION PRACTICES ACT. The FDCPA provides our debt collectors with the knowledge necessary to collect on delinquent accounts.

Professional Skip-Tracing

In order to collect effectively, skip-tracing is always necessary. We have the best skip-tracing software that can find anyone in a matter of seconds with all the vital information needed to recoup your money. We perform skip-tracing on a daily basis on claims that are placed with our firm and the cost for this software is not billed to you, it is simply one of the perks for choosing Costello, King & Associates.